The pros and cons of using a virtual private cloud

VPCs (virtual private clouds) were really a marketing response by public cloud providers that found themselves competing with private clouds, such as OpenStack, years ago. Some enterprises did not relish the idea of placing their data on a public cloud, sharing pooled resources with other companies—perhaps even their competition.

I was in so many of those meetings back then, hearing CIOs proclaim that their data would never exist outside of their firewall. When moving to cloud, it was going to be their cloud in their data center: a private cloud.

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The trouble with private clouds is that they still have a subset of the same features and functions as the public cloud providers. Moreover, private clouds still require buying hardware and software, renting or buying data center space, as well as hiring humans to take care of it all. There was typically negative value to using private clouds and no real security benefits.

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The pros and cons of using a virtual private cloud
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