React Redux - Introduction to using React Redux for State Management - Writing First Redux App in React
Concepts covered - Redux, React Redux, Store, Reducer, Action, Dispatch, Connect, Provider, mapStateToProps, createStore, initialState

Steps to set up a Redux store
Design store (initialState)
Define actions with type and payload
Define reducer
Create store and make it available with Provider
Connect components to the store using connect, mapStateToProps and Dispatch actions

What is Redux - A JavaScript library for managing application state which
works on the principle of storing the entire state of the application is a single central store. This store can be accessed by all components.
Popularly used with React, Angular, Vue etc. for building user interfaces.

To use Redux with React
npm install redux react-redux

Why is Redux popular for React
In React, components have their own state, but they don’t have an easy way to access another components’ state. Redux addresses that by creating one central repository where all the information is stored (store).
It provides

  • Ways for component to connect and fetch data from the store
  • Ways for components to interact with the store (actions)
  • Ways for the store to handle the effects of these actions (reducers).

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