Cost to Hire React Native App Developers

React Native is unique because its dynamic code updates, it can push updates to devices without requiring an application release. With React Native you will be able to create Native applications with JavaScript.

The cost of hiring React Native developer will vary according to the certain factors like:

Analysis & Scoping:

  • This helps you to keep a proper document of what the app would do, which kind of features it would have to fulfill its purpose, & which technology it could be used.

Duration & Scope:

  • The major cost will depend on the complexity, scope, requirements of the project & time required to finish it. It's obvious that the cost will be higher of react native developers on the base of projects complications and long time duration to complete it.

Application Complexity:

  • App complexity includes many features such as development architecture, third-party integration, model admin panel, in-app purchase, hardware device used.

Hiring model:

  • There are mainly three types of model which differentiate the cost of hiring react native developers such as part-time, hourly basis, & full time.

Application Category:

  • A category is also one of the important factors which affect the cost of hiring react native developer. While moving from one category to another, a lot of things modify like a number of users, functionalities, security criteria & so on.

Experience & Skills of Developer:

  • If you look for a well experienced react native developer, it will cost you more compared to those developers who are still building his profile because they will cost you less than an experience.
  • Skills are also a major factor because a good skill set of a developer in particular libraries, frameworks, etc will impact your cost of hiring react native developer.

React Native developers must have the required skill set to fulfill your expectations for the app development.

  • Good command over the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Familiarity with CSS pre-processors like Sass and LESS.
  • Working knowledge of JavaScript libraries like jQuery or Backbone.js
  • Skills for front-end CSS frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation.
  • Experience in Unit Testing with React Testing Tools like Karma or Jest.

Application Platform:

  • The number of OS versions and app platforms for your application launched process will decide that how much does it cost to create a react native application.

Android Application: It cost quite higher when there are a number of devices with multiple OS versions

Web Applications: Compare to native apps such as Android & iOS, PWA is much cost effective development cost.

iOS Application: iOS doesn't have any issues regarding OS versions and it uses swift/Object C for app development.

Location for hiring developers:

  • The location also plays a major role in the cost of hiring react native developers, If you hire react native developers from India, it will cost you less compared to the US because salary considerably varies from country to country to country.

Application Development:

  • There are some instances when an application gets rejected and is unable to pass the approval stage because of lacking in development criteria which is checked by app store & play store strict guidelines for the mobile app development process.

Application Maintenance:

  • Support, Testing & Maintenance is a critical task for every mobile application development. Expenses do not come to an end with this last stage of the process.
  • Business will have to continue changing their application to walk with market trend including new device & OS versions. Though it depends who is developing your mobile app, freelancer or a full-time developer so that there will be a cost differentiate for your application development cost.

Above details will acknowledge you regarding the cost to hire react native developer in a much easy way and feel free to share your views in comments and for more information about react development services you can visit Aglowid IT solutions.

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