A quick and easy way to measure the performance of your method in JavaScript and TypeScript.

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Performance Measurement in JavaScript

Measuring the performance of a certain method in JavaScript or any other language is actually pretty simple and generally can be split up into 4 parts.

  • Get the current time = Start time
  • Run the method code
  • Get the current time = End time
  • Subtract the end time from the start time = Run duration of your method

So what you would do in your JavaScript is shown in the next snippet:

const myMethod = () => {
    const startTimeInMs = new Date().getTime();

    // Do some heavy computation
    // ..........
    // ////////////////////////////////////////

    const endTimeInMs = new Date().getTime();
    const durationInMs = endTimeInMs - startTimeInMs;

    console.log(`myMethod took ${durationInMs} ms`);

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An Easy Way To Measure Performance In JavaScript/TypeScript
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