Tiny extensible javascript library for front-end microservices


The Merkur is tiny extensible javascript library for front-end microservices. It allows by default server side rendering for loading performance boost. You can connect it with other frameworks or languages because merkur defines easy API. You can use one of four predefined template’s library React, Preact, hyperHTML and µhtml but you can easily extend for others.

Getting started

npx @merkur/create-widget <name>

cd name

npm run dev // Point your browser at http://localhost:4444/

Merkur example, hello widget


Point your browser at http://localhost:4444/widget.

      "name": "widget.js",
      "type": "script",
      "source": {
        "es9": "http://localhost:4444/static/es9/widget.6961af42bfa3596bb147.js",
        "es5": "http://localhost:4444/static/es5/widget.31c5090d8c961e43fade.js"
      "name": "widget.css",
      "type": "stylesheet",
      "source": "http://localhost:4444/static/es9/widget.814e0cb568c7ddc0725d.css"
  "html":"\n      <div class=\"merkur__page\">\n        <div class=\"merkur__headline\">\n          <div class=\"merkur__view\">\n            \n    <div class=\"merkur__icon\">\n      <img src=\"http://localhost:4444/static/merkur-icon.png\" alt=\"Merkur\">\n    </div>\n  \n            \n    <h1>Welcome to <a href=\"https://github.com/mjancarik/merkur\">MERKUR</a>,<br> a javascript library for front-end microservices.</h1>\n  \n            \n    <p>The widget's name is <strong>my-widget@0.0.1</strong>.</p>\n  \n          </div>\n        </div>\n        <div class=\"merkur__view\">\n          \n    <div>\n      <h2>Counter widget:</h2>\n      <p>Count: 0</p>\n      <button onclick=\"return ((...rest) =&gt; {\n        return originalFunction(widget, ...rest);\n      }).call(this, event)\">\n        increase counter\n      </button>\n      <button onclick=\"return ((...rest) =&gt; {\n        return originalFunction(widget, ...rest);\n      }).call(this, event)\">\n        reset counter\n      </button>\n    </div>\n  \n        </div>\n      </div>\n  "

Download Details:

Author: mjancarik

Demo: https://merkur.js.org/

Source Code: https://github.com/mjancarik/merkur

#nodejs #node #javascript

Tiny extensible javascript library for front-end microservices
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