At its SUSECON 2021 conference earlier this month, SUSE introduced what it calls its “Full-Lifecycle Management for Edge” platform and explained how the offering will solve many of today’s edge computing problems, as it seeks to combine what it says is the best of SUSE Linux and Rancher Kubernetes orchestration tools and platforms.

The technology, now known as SUSE Edge, represents the marriage of a single offering for Linux and Kubernetes for edge computing following the company’s purchase of Rancher last year.

During a keynote, Sheng Liang, SUSE’s appointed president of engineering and innovation who was previously the CEO and founder of Rancher, said SUSE now offers a “full stack for Kubernetes to go hand in hand to form the foundation of the modern IT stack — Linux manages individual computers and Kubernetes orchestrates application containers across multiple computers,” Liang said.

On a practical level, SUSE enables enterprises to deploy Linux across their on-premises and multicloud environments while Rancher provides the framework for Kubernetes management, especially for edge deployments — ranging from IoT devices to online kiosks deployed remotely.

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SUSE Seeks to Offer 'Full-Lifecycle' Kubernetes Management for the Edge
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