The Feynman Technique is a powerful learning method that can help you learn anything faster. In this video, I'll explain how the technique works and how you can use it to become a better developer.

Richard Feynman is one the most idolized professors of recent times, but why is that? Can he help you become a better developer?

Well in this video, you will learn what makes him so special, and most importantly get a deeper understanding of his famous approach to learning anything in life!


⏲ Timestamps ⏲

00:00 Learn Anything Faster
01:27 Who Was Richard Feynman?
02:44 What Is The Feynman Technique?
03:42 Feynman Technique Example
06:31 4 Final Takeaways!


The Feynman Technique: A Proven Way to Learn Anything Faster
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