Build a Virtual 3D Art Gallery – Three.js Tutorial / Code-a-Long

Learn how to use Three.js to build an interactive 3D art gallery from scratch. The course covers essential concepts including scene creation, camera setup, renderer development, geometry, material and texture creation, meshing, animation, controls, and real-time UI configuration using a GUI debugger.

💻 Source Code: 

Materials & Resources:
The Office Ceiling material in 4K: 
The Wood Floor in 4K: 
The Walls in 4K: 
3D Model Statue: 

✏️ Course developed by @the_rings_of_saturn 

*To run the project on your computer:
- First, install Node on your computer if you don't have it. Link to download Node.
- Then "download zip" or clone the project on my GitHub. 
- Open the terminal at the root level and run `npm install`.
- Then run `npx vite` to run the project live.
- Click and open the URL address you see in the terminal.

#threejs #3d

Build an Interactive 3D Art Gallery from Scratch with Three.js
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