JAMstack sites are all the rage right now in the web dev world. And rightfully so! But what exactly is it and how can we all take advantage of its benefits?

  • What is this JAMstack?
  • That’s not to be confused with serverless
  • What makes up the JAMstack?
  • So what makes a JAMstack app so great?
  • Is my website considered to be on the JAMstack?
  • What are some examples of JAMstack?
  • What are some tools I can use to build JAMstack sites or apps?

What is this JAMstack?

To start, JAMstack is a software architecture and philosophy that adheres to the following components: Javascript, APIs, and Markup.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because it is! That React app that you compile down with Webpack and ultimately serve from S3? Yup, that’s a JAMstack app. That simple HTML file that has no JavaScript and literally doesn’t do anything dynamic? Yup, that’s also a JAMstack app.

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What is the JAMstack and how do I get started?
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