JavaScript is the king of the web. There is no doubt about it.

The year is 2021. The whole web is occupied by JavaScript. People are running after libraries and frameworks. Not knowing how javascript fundamental works. And says javascript sucks. What the hell?

I won’t lie I was doing the same a year ago.

I found everything very confusing in the beginning. Later, I found most people feel so. Because it has some weird behaviors.

When you choose C/C++ as a beginner and tries to learn JavaScript later, I think It happens with everyone.

JavaScript behaves differently than other programming languages.

So, in this article, I will try to put everything in plain English to make it all clear.

According to  StackOverflow Survey 2020, JavaScript is the #1 programming language.

From StackOverflow Survey 2020

Either you are a Front End Developer or a Backend Developer, knowing these topics in JavaScript will make you a better JS developer.

1. Scope


3. Hoisting

4. Closure

5. Callback Function

6. Promises

7. async/await

8. JavaScript Prototype

9. ES6 — The New JavaScript

10. DOM

11. Modular Patterns

12. Currying

13. JavaScript Methods

14. Value vs Reference

15. Destructuring

16. Spread & Rest Syntax

17. Generators

18. “=” vs “==” vs “===”

19. Asynchronous Communication

20. V8 Engine & Event Loop

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20 JavaScript Concepts you should know as a JavaScript Programmer!
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