React Native and Flutter are the top mobile frameworks for building iOS and Android mobile applications. These frameworks have been the gossip amongst the developer community, with a lot of competition and comparison between the two in recent years.

The Problem With Native Mobile App Development

Android Studio and Xcode have been dominating the mobile development industry until certain problems were raised. Thus, requiring an optimized solution. The problems were:

  • The need for different codebases for different platforms (iOS and Android)
  • Hiring platform-specific developers was expensive
  • Development and maintenance costs were high

This resulted in the introduction of cross-platform mobile development frameworks such as React Native and Flutter, which would help in developing mobile apps for different platforms including Android and iOS, with a single codebase exclusively.

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

By considering cross-platform mobile development frameworks, businesses and organizations have been able to target a broader audience, effectively, and at a lower cost. These outcomes manifested a positive impact on the popularity of both, React Native and Flutter, in the industry.

Even though there is a surplus of other available frameworks, React Native and Flutter have been leading in popularity with a win-win for both the business and its clients, resulting in new trends, and it has been the most discussed amongst the software development community.

React Native

React Native was introduced by Facebook in 2015, which was later discovered by a larger community of developers and then became community-driven. React Native is an open-source mobile application framework, which uses React with native platform capabilities to develop applications for Android, iOS, Web, and UWP.

Some apps that make use of React Native are:

Facebook, Instagram, Tesla, Uber Eats, Discord, Wix, Walmart, etc.


Flutter was introduced by Google in May 2017. But, its most stable release was in December 2018. It is an open-source UI software development kit used to develop applications for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Google Fuchsia, and the web.

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React Native vs. Flutter: A Decision Pending in 2020
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