This tutorial is a quick guide on how to integrate Facebook login with Firebase while developing with React native. By using Firebase and Facebook login, you’ll be able to understand how to use and integrate Firebase properly, as well as implement Facebook authentication along with login. This process will also help developers learn a lot about Firebase, which can be used as lightweight and easy-to-configure backend.

Nowadays, Facebook login has become important in a wide range of apps, as it will provide users with an easier login approach than having to manually enter credentials. It’s a simple but effective way to improve an app’s UX.

First, you’ll learn about the integration of React Native Firebase starter boilerplate using the GitHub repository.

react-native-firebase-starter is a bare-bones react native app with react-native-firebase pre-integrated so you can get started quickly.

Then, you’ll integrate react-native-fbsdk into your React Native project to enable the Facebook login. This plugin is a React Native wrapper around the Facebook SDKs for Android and iOS, which provides access to Facebook login, sharing, graph requests, app events, etc. All the configurations required are explained in detail below. At the end of this tutorial, you’ll be able to create your own React Native Firebase project that includes a Facebook login.

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Implementing Facebook login on Android with React Native and Firebase
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