Build your own email marketing tool

*If you want to let many people know about your business, service, or product, you need to campaign through email. You might have noticed that a lot of websites have a newsletter section at the bottom. The main purpose is to send emails to a group of people.

Why create a newsletter?

  • Promote a new service/product
  • Occasional mail
  • Notice
  • Notify about subscription renewal


  • Node.js installed in your system
  • An email account from where you want to send email
  • A list of emails to who you want to send the email
  • An email title and body

Let’s get started.

Install Node.js in our system

You can install node.js by downloading, or you can also install it in many ways. Just follow the instruction on the node.js website.


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Build an Email Marketing System in Just 5 Minutes
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