Chad Metcalf from Docker joins Scott Hanselman to show how to use the Docker CLI to deploy a container to Azure Container Instances (ACI). Using only the Docker CLI, Chad deploys a Minecraft image to ACI and then shares the public IP address with Scott so he can join in the wacky, blocky world!

ACI provides general-purpose, serverless containers-as-a-service that can be used with Logic Apps, App Service, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Functions, and other platforms in Azure to serve dev, test, and production workloads. Use ACI for deploying build/test containers, host backend APIs, or as part of a workflow.

[0:00:00]- Overview
[0:00:50]- Docker CLI and ACI context
[0:03:14]- Demo: Deploying a Minecraft server in a container locally
[0:06:57]- Demo: Dep

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Code to Cloud with Docker and Azure Container Instances
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