This Medium article focuses on the detailed walkthrough of the steps I took to solve the challenge lab of the Build Interactive Apps with Google Assistant Skill Badge on the Google Cloud Platform (Qwiklabs). I got access to this lab in the Google Cloud Ready Facilitator Program. Thanks to Google!

_Till now, I have completed over _100 labs and 23 quests on Qwiklabs. Below is the reference to my profile.

This lab is only recommended for students who have completed the labs in the Baseline: InfrastructureAre you up for the challenge? Let’s go!

I also received a Free Google Home for Building an action for the Google Assistant in July 2019, both in English and French. Qualified for the Tier-2 of the Developer Community Program of Actions on Google. Also, received the milestone **“Taking your Action Global Pin”_. Thank you _Google**_ for this appreciation!_

Challenge Scenario

There are three small tasks in this challenge lab, all of which should be completed to score 100/100. This tutorial list the steps I took to solve all the three challenges within the lab. The three tasks are as follows:

  1. Creating a Cloud Function for the Magic Eight Ball App for the Google Assistant.
  2. Creating the Lab Magic 8 Ball Application for the Google Assistant.
  3. Adding multilingual support to our magic_eight_ball cloud function.

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Build Interactive Apps with Google Assistant: Challenge Lab Tutorial
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