Linux Command Library: Learn and Master Linux Commands

Linux Command Library (Mobile+CLI+Web)

The app currently has 5547 manual pages, 22+ basic categories and a bunch of general terminal tips. It works 100% offline, doesn't need an internet connection and has no tracking software. 

Mobile screenshots

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Execute gradle :cli:buildJar to create jar file for Linux, Windows and Mac.



One-liners, System information, System control, Users & Groups, Files & Folders, Input, Printing, JSON, Network, Search & Find, GIT, SSH, Video & Audio, Package manager, Hacking tools, Terminal games, Crypto currencies, VIM Texteditor, Emacs Texteditor, Nano Texteditor, Pico Texteditor, Micro Texteditor


Clear and reset the terminal, List of recent commands, Close a frozen window/application, Tab Completion, Temporary aliases, Permanent aliases, Chain commands, Command syntax, Cursor navigation, Redirection, Special characters in commands, View file permissions, Modify file permissions, Set file permissions via binary references


Github Action to automatically create a new Github release with APK and JAR and upload an AAB to the Play Store.


Android Jetpack Compose screen tests: ComposeTests.kt

Android Jetpack Compose deeplinking tests: ComposeDeeplinkTests.kt

Common code unit tests: CommonTests.kt

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Author: SimonSchubert
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License: Apache-2.0 license

#linux #command #android #kotlin 

Linux Command Library: Learn and Master Linux Commands
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