Hi, Spring fans! In this talk Spring Developer Advocate, Java Champion, and Kotlin Google Developer Advocate Josh Long (@starbuxman) introduces the Kotlin ecosystem, the language, and its application when building server-side Spring applications.

This is a roving tour of all things Kotlin, and there’s a lot to cover, including:

  • building Android applications with Kotlin on mobile devices
  • building native applications with Kotlin and Kotlin Native ((m)alloc, pointers, and POSIX APIs, oh, my!)
  • giving existing APIs like the venerable JdbcTemplate a fresh coat of paint with Kotlin
  • using Kotlin ecosystem libraries like the Exposed ORM with Spring
  • using rich DSLs such as those provided for Spring Framework’s programmatic bean registration, HTTP endpoints, and for Spring Cloud Gateway
  • kicking up our reactive applications a notch with coroutines

#kotlin #mobile-apps #java #programming #developer

Bootiful Kotlin
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