Session language – English
Target audience – Developers, Data Scientists, R&D, Managers

Software and algorithm teams have different needs, still, python can become a common language and satisfy the needs of both teams.
We will see how python as a common language boosts our development process.

Can algorithm and software teams talk the same language?
For many years in Applied Materials, the answer was – No! the teams have different needs…
While algorithm team preferred to develop their algorithms in MATLAB which has rich arsenal of scientific tools, software team preferred to write their code in C++ in order to gain code efficiency.
The code conversion between the teams was long and exhausting process.
In this lecture I will describe our decision to have python as a common language for both algorithm and software.
I will explain how python can fulfill the needs for both algorithm development and software standards of design and efficiency.
I will describe our joined development process in order to achieve algorithm and software goals through the language.
I will show you the boost this process gave us which will convince you to choose python as a common language in your company too!


Python, The Golden Bridge Between Algorithm and Software Development
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