Django is a web development framework written in Python that helps developers build web applications quickly and efficiently. Django provides developers with the tools to create sophisticated web applications with minimal coding, allowing them to focus on the unique features of their application. Some of the key features of Django include its robust ORM, its built-in admin interface, and its powerful template system. Django is open-source software and has a vast community of contributors, making it a popular choice for developers all over the world.

This extensive course covers everything you need to know to get started with Python Django web development. Spanning over 7 hours, the comprehensive tutorial takes you through the entire process of building a web application using Django. You'll learn how to set up the Django project, create views and templates, integrate with a database, and deploy to a live server. The course is perfect for beginners who want to get started with Django, as well as developers looking to expand their Python skillset. The video is easy to follow and includes plenty of step-by-step examples.

00:00 - Intro
1:10 - Product Demo
4:04 - Prerequisites
5:27 - What is Django
12:52 - Resources & Environment Setup
15:59 - Installation & Setup
31:28- Views & URL's
39:55 - Templates
1:04:25 - Database & Admin Panel
1:39:00- CRUD
2:06:22 - Search
2:22:27 - User Login
2:32:25 - Flash Messages
2:39:03- User Logout
2:41:45 - Restricted Pages
2:49:00 - User registration
3:01:25 -  Chat Room Messages CRUD
3:27:30 - Activity Feed
3:43:00 - User Profile Page
3:53:25- Static Files
4:02:15 - Theme Installation
5:11:50 - Edit User Account Page
5:35:02 - Mobile Responsiveness
5:53:00 - Django REST Framework
6:25:43 - Customizing User model
6:37:35  - Integrating Custom User Model

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Master Django | Python Django 7 Hour Course
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