Learn Flutter fast in this tutorial by building the UI design of the real world app, Clubhouse. You’ll learn easy UI tips to help you develop a beautiful project. This Flutter UI tutorial is great for beginners as well as advanced developers who want to improve their mobile app development skills. We’ll create the Home Screen where you can see the upcoming and live rooms. Then we’ll move onto the Room Screen where you can see who’s in the room.

» Timestamps 🕒
0:00:00​ Clubhouse UI Introduction
0:00:48​ Download The Starter Project
0:00:57​ Project Walkthrough
0:04:39​ Home Screen App Bar
0:06:45​ User Profile Image
0:11:04​ Upcoming Rooms
0:20:09​ Room Card
0:30:12​ Gradient Container, Start Room Button, and Menu Icon
0:36:04​ Room Screen Navigation
0:37:48​ Room Screen App Bar
0:40:08​ Curved Container with Room Info
0:43:44​ Room User Profile
0:50:59​ Display Users in SliverGrid
0:53:50​ Room Bottom Sheet
0:58:33​ Clubhouse UI Recap
0:59:33​ “Party Pooper Emojis! 🎉” - 🤦
0:59:42​ Thanks for watching 🙏

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Flutter Clubhouse Clone UI Tutorial | Apps From Scratch
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