This ReactJS Full Course video covers all the fundamental concepts of React and how to implement them. We’ve always created a simple website as part of the hands-on demo.

So, here’s what you’ll be learning in this ReactJS full course:

  • What is React?
  • ReactJS installation on Windows
  • React Components
  • Nesting Components
  • React Props
  • React State
  • React Demo for beginners
  • React vs Angular vs Vue
  • How to connect ReactJS with NodeJs
  • React with Redux
  • React Native vs Flutter
  • ReactJS Project tutorial
  • ReactJS interview questions

About Simplilearn ReactJS training course:
Puzzled about React.js and how it differs from other JavaScript frameworks? Simplilearn’s online training course on React.js will give you a firm base on how React enables developers to master user interface developing skills with ease. This course will enable you to build React.js applications using React router, data flow and usage with react, bootstrap and CSS, and React middleware.

What is the focus of this course?
Simplilearn’s React.js course is specifically framed for web developers to enhance their web developing skills. Learn how React is different than other JavaScript frameworks, because it is not really a framework. React is actually mainly a view layer, which is beneficial for use in teams and promotes well-organized code. The main focus of this course then involves aiding you to build simple components and integrating them into more complex design components. Gradually, you will be able to implement components, manage data, handle events, apply routing and much more. Componentized UI is the future of web development, and learning React.js now will ensure your skills remain relevant in this fast-changing industry.

What are the course objectives?
After completing this course, you will get a head start to work with React.js productively and gain the following:

  • Acquire hands-on knowledge on basic React components and apply them
  • Code a React with online Integrated Development Environment (IDE) like an expert
  • Manage data by using State and Props of React
  • Learn how to handle events
  • Execute React’s robust router
  • Use flux to augment features of a React app
  • Implement Bootstrap and CSS to style a React app
  • Understand about React and how it fits into your web developing process

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