We are going to build a zoom video call app using react native, socket.io, webrtc and peerjs. This is just a common clone we will use to understand how to transfer streams from one end to another. We made use of peer js and we used express js to build a custom peerjs server which our client devices will use to open up a peer connection which will give each client a unique id to start a peer connection for the device stream.

Link to setup a react-native-webrtc SETUP:



  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 1:45 - Setup
  • 10:34 - Redux Setup
  • 16:54 - WebRTC Stream
  • 24:12 - Connect SOCKET.IO & PeerJS to Server
  • 27:19 - Complete Video Call

GitHub Repo:


React Native Zoom Clone WebRTC | Video Call App with Socket.IO & PeerJS
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