In Part 1, 2, and 3 of this, we started with getting the API Key from Youtube Data API v3, built the Recommended Videos page which showed the most popular based on your country code, and a Search page that allowed searching videos by keyword. In this part, we will build the video player page of the YouTube Clone which contains the functionality of playing videos.

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Video Player for our YouTube Clone

Below is the list of the parts in order to build this YouTube clone:

  • Part 1 — Getting the API Key and Building the SideBar & Header (here)
  • Part 2 — Building the Recommended Videos page (here)
  • Part 3 — Building the Search Page (here)
  • Part 4 — Building the Video Player Page (This one)

If you don’t like reading and are interested in the source code, scroll to the end of the story.

Note: The tutorial assumes you have basic knowledge of JavaScript and React.

Note: The tutorial doesn’t contain all the code especially the styling rather it explains the main parts of the project

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How to Build a YouTube Clone with React - Part 4
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