Over the last number of years concerns over the safe use of social media applications have featured our news feed in waves. Most recently, the ban of China’s TikTok and WeChat by the US government comes to mind, along with Facebook who have receive public scrutiny by governments and the public alike for its wrongful handling of private user data.

So I decided to build my own social media application:

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SHARE is a is a full-featured cross-over between Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram, but with its own look & feel, and ready to be deployed by any person, company or organisation on their own private servers.

The realisation of this application took me on a journey through the unexplored, and this article I will talk in more detail about some of the most important decisions that helped make this application a reality.

#nodejs #redux #indiedev #react-native #social-networking-app

How to Build a Full-Featured Social Media Application with React Native and NodeJS
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