5 Best JSON Schema Form Builder Libraries For Angular

1. Angular Formio

This library serves as a Dynamic JSON Powered Form rendering library for Angular. This works by providing a JSON schema to a <formio> Angular component, where that form is dynamically rendered within the front end application. This allows forms to be dynamically built using JSON schemas.

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2. Angular Schema Form

Much of the new development is being done in Assimilate, a standardised validator for JSON Schema to help ensure changing validators is never as painful as escaping tv4 is, as well as a new core library to allow for a more predictable upgrade from AngularJS to Angular.

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3. Ngx Schema Form

Ngx Schema Form is an Angular 2+ module allowing you to instanciate an HTML form from a JSON schema.

Note: Version 1.x is compliant with Angular <=4, version 2.x is compliant with Angular >=6.


  • Generate a form from a single json schema object
  • Generate a form from a default set of html constructs
  • Allow initialization from previous values
  • Validation handled by z-schema
  • Allow injection of custom validators
  • Allow declaration of custom widgets
  • Allow injection of custom bindings (new!)

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4. Ng Dynamic Forms

NG Dynamic Forms is a rapid form development library based on the official Angular dynamic forms guide.

It fully automates form UI creation by introducing a set of maintainable form control models and dynamic form control components

Out of the box support is provided for all popular UI libraries including Material, ngx-bootstrap, NG Bootstrap, Foundation, Ionic, Kendo and PrimeNG.

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5. Ajsf

Angular JSON Schema Form


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5 Best JSON Schema Form Builder Libraries For Angular
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