In this video, we will create a spring web application step by step. The good thing here is we are going to eliminate spring's traditional XML files. We will create a Spring MVC project using the java based configuration.

We will use a spring MVC interface called WebApplicaitonInitalizer to set up the dispatcher servlet. We will also eliminate the spring application configuration XML file and develop a java class by following the spring MVC annotation-based configuration approach.

To build our first spring web application, we will follow a step by step approach.
step 1: setting up a spring MVC project with maven using eclipse/sts.
step 2:  Use spring web application initializer for application boot up.
step 3: Spring MVC dispatcher servlet code-based configuration.
step 4: setting up load on startup and URL mapping.
step 5:  Creating a spring configuration file using spring MVC annotation.
step 6: create a controller.
step 7: create a JSP view.
step 8: setup a view resolver.


 Spring MVC Java-based Configuration in 8 Steps
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