1. Overview

In this tutorial, we’ll learn about Azure Cosmos DB and how we can interact with it using Spring Data.

2. Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB** is Microsoft’s globally distributed database service.**

It’s a NoSQL database, which provides comprehensive service level agreements for throughput, latency, availability, and consistency guarantees. Also, it assures 99.999% availability for both reads and writes.

Azure Cosmos DB does not give only two consistency choices i.e. either consistent or not consistent. Instead, we get five consistency choices: strongbounded stalenesssessionconsistent prefix, and eventual.

We can elastically scale both the throughput and storage of Azure Cosmos DB.

Additionally, it’s available in all Azure regions and offers turnkey global distribution as we can replicate our data in any Azure regions just by clicking a button. This helps us in having our data closer to our users so that we can serve their requests faster.

It’s schema-agnostic as it has no schema. Furthermore, we don’t need to do any index management for Azure Cosmos Db. It automatically does indexing of data for us.

We can work with Azure CosmosDb using different standard APIs such as SQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, etc.

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Introduction to Spring Data Azure Cosmos DB
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