Attention Laravel lovers! The Livewire framework for Laravel can help you build awsome, dynamic interfaces without writing a whole lot of JavaScript.

As developers, we’re always looking for tools, libraries, and frameworks that will make our lives easier. It’s no different for Laravel developers. That’s the reason why we love this framework to begin with, as everything is made easy for us — allowing us to focus on building awesome applications instead of getting bogged down with how to implement stuff.

In this tutorial, we’ll be looking at another tool which can make your life easier as a Laravel developer. Specifically, we’ll be looking into Livewire, a full-stack framework for Laravel that allows us to build dynamic interfaces without writing a whole lot of JavaScript. Everything is essentially done with tools you’re already familiar with as a Laravel developer.

What is Livewire?

Livewire is a library that allows us to build reactive and dynamic interfaces using Blade and a little bit of JavaScript. I say “a little” because we’re only going to write JavaScript to pass data around via browser events and responding to them.

You can use Livewire to implement the following functionality, without the page reload:

  • pagination
  • form validation
  • notifications
  • file uploads preview

Note that Livewire isn’t limited to the above functionality. You can use it for so much more. The features above are just the most common one you might like to implement in your apps.

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Getting Started with Laravel Livewire
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