Rlogical Techsoft declared as a Top Entertainment App Development Company of 2021

It gives us immense pride to declare that our name was included in a press release about The Top entertainment application developers of 2021 in the industry by TopDevelopers.co.

At Rlogical, we believe in providing logical solutions for complex business problems. This trait of ours has helped us in gaining the reputation of being one of the best Entertainment App Development Companies in Entertainment & Music Industry today.

Client Success Story

The client wanted us to build an Andriod mobile app that would allow store owners to display their products online to their customers. After detailed consultations with the client, we identified the following requirements:

Mobile Application for Android devices, Web Portal.

Media (video/text/image) can be uploaded and will be played on the devices.

When the media will be playing, the device will be in kiosk mode.

The campaign can be created to play the media on the devices.

Campaign(media) will automatically download on the devices and will play as well.

An admin will be able to manage all the activities done by the rooted device.

All the changes done in the Mobile app will sync to the server.

Activity can be predefined and will be played at the set time intervals.

Through wireframes, we gave visual representation to the client’s requirements.

The app allowed the vendors to create a campaign schedule and ensure that the scheduled campaign gets downloaded automatically on all the connected devices and gets played on the device as well. The device would be playing content in the Kiosk mode to prevent any unauthorized person from accessing the content.

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When you visit Rlogical’s profile on TopDevelopers.co, you will find that we have a 20% focus on art and entertainment. This happens to be one of the primary reasons for our success as best entertainment app developers. The profile can also get you detailed information about our service specialties, focus areas, and pricing structure.

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Rlogical Techsoft declared as a Top Entertainment App Development Company of 2021
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