Welcome to the first part of the How to Build a DevSecOps Pipeline in AWS. DevSecOps is the new buzz and definitely a potential candidate to scare people in the ever-changing software industry. When I heard the term for the first time, my inner voice said it out loud, “When just this Happened, and why SEC is sandwiched between them ?”. Later on, to look cool, I started adding DevSecOps on my profile, but the dire consequence was a complete disappointment. DevSecOps isn’t just restricted to understand security by heart & fit it with DevOps. A good analogy would be not to imagine your ex with someone, especially with your girlfriend/wife. In simple terms, it is all about “Shift left on Security” i.e. to introduce security as early as possible in the SDLC. Though I am not going to bore you with the definitions and concepts as I am a pragmatist.

Thus, my objective here is to demonstrate how DevSecOps works in reality.

The following series is split into two parts (refer below) with very simple and clear instructions to provision a CI/CD pipeline adhering to DevSecOps principles in AWS. Everything covered from scratch you won’t face any difficulty understanding. In case of any clarification, drop me a note on LinkedIn. Feel free to explore them with ease, skip to the one which is relevant to you.

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Clear Instructions on How to Build a DevSecOps Pipeline in AWS
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