OpenAI Gym  is a great place to study and develop reinforced learning algorithms. It provides lots of interesting games (so called “environments”) that you can put your strategy to test. For example, it has simple games like balancing a vertical pole on a little cart (“CartPole-v1”), swinging up a pendulum to upright position (“Pendulum-v0”), as well as some classic video games like the Space Invader , and Pin Ball .

However, the Gym is designed to run on Linux. Even though it can be installed on Windows using Conda or PIP, it cannot be visualized on Windows. If you run it on a headless server (such as a virtual machine on the cloud), then it needs PyVirtualDisplay , which doesn’t work on Windows either. Therefore, playing the OpenAI Gym on Windows is inconvenient.


How to Render OpenAI-Gym on Windows
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