Learn how to manage state in your Angular apps like a chess grandmaster with NGXS. With NGXS, you can easily centralize, manage, and track state changes across your entire app. With step-by-step instructions and code snippets, you'll be able to master NGXS in no time and build more scalable and maintainable Angular apps

This video will guide you through the Angular State Management using NGXS. 
We will start by installing the library and then we will see how to create:
- the state
- the actions
- the selectors
- and last but not least, how to use the selectors in your component

0:00 Intro
3:40 Install and import NGXS 
5:00 Create the State
9:23 Create the Actions and use them in the State
11:20 Mutate the state for a dispatched Action
14:36 Dispatch an Action from the Component
15:54 Create and use a Selector in the Component
19:21 Solution of the Toggle Item
20:30 Thank you

✨ Code: https://github.com/profanis/codeShotsWithProfanis/tree/29/angular-ngxs-intro
✨ For more, visit the official NGXS site: https://www.ngxs.io/


Master State Management in Angular with NGXS
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