Collection of Good Vue Autocomplete Components for Your Vue.js App

The Vue AutoComplete component helps users by providing a list of suggestions to select from as they type. It supports data binding, filtering, and more.

1. vue-suggestion

Suggestion list input for Vue.js, inspired by v-autocomplete.
Your search engine, your CSS, your everything…




2. Accessible Autocomplete

Accessible autocomplete component for vanilla JavaScript and Vue.


  • Accessible, with full support for ARIA attributes and keyboard interactions. Based on the WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices.
  • Available as a JavaScript or Vue component, with React coming soon.
  • Core package available if you want to bring your own rendering layer.
  • Customizable. Easily bring your own CSS, or take full control of the component rendering.
  • Support for asynchronous data fetching.




3. Select Auto-Complete

Provides a capability of auto-completed searching for results inside a select input field.

Select Auto-Complete


4. vue-cool-select

Select with autocomplete, slots, bootstrap and material design themes.


  • no dependencies
  • props (30) allow you to customize a component in a various ways
  • slots (13) allow content to be changed anywhere
  • events (8) will let you know about everything
  • autocomplete (you can use custom search, you can also disable the search input)
  • keyboard controls (not only through the arrows)
  • support on mobile devices
  • validation, state of error and success
  • disabled and readonly
  • small and large sizes (as in bootstrap)
  • the ability to set your styles, you can write theme from scratch. 2 themes: Bootstrap 4 (equal styles), Material Design
  • TypeScript support
  • tab navigation
  • SSR (Server-Side Rendering)
  • auto determine the suitable position for the menu if it goes beyond the viewport




5. Vue Form Autocomplete - Simple

Vue Form Autocomplete Custom Component.

Able to use single or multiple select. Use scope slot to change the template

Vue Form Autocomplete - Simple

Demo and Download

6. Vue Tags Input

A simple tags input with typeahead built with Vue.js 2.

Vue Tags Input



7. At.js for Vue.

At.js is An autocompletion library to autocomplete mentions, smileys etc.

  • Filter/Scroll/Insert/Delete
  • Keyboard/Mouse events
  • Plain-text based, no jQuery, no extra nodes
  • ContentEditable
  • Avatars, custom templates
  • Vue2
  • Vue1

At.js for Vue



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Collection of Good Vue Autocomplete Components for Your Vue.js App
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