Data scientist is one of the most in-demand jobs despite the ongoing pandemic. While there are openings for data science roles in many firms, they still face challenges in terms of scarcity of the right talent, communication skills, cultural fit and compensations. But there are companies such as TheMathCompany that are looking for more than just checking these boxes.

What are the skills that they are looking for? As Ashish Sam, Senior Partner – People & Operations at the TheMathCompany notes, a data scientist and engineer must always be able to think ahead in terms of what the customer needs, even if the customer is unaware of it. Just delivering what the customer asks for, will not move the needle.

“What will keep data scientists and data engineers ahead of the curve is the willingness to learn, structured thinking and the ability to break down problems,” he says.

In terms of tools and technologies, the company is looking for someone conversant in big data tools like Hadoop, Hive, Sqoop, etc., programming languages like Python and Scala. “It’s good to have an exposure to cloud technologies like AWS / Azure / GCP and Spark framework,” he added.  Outside the tools and technical checklist, TheMathCompany is looking for attributes such as:

  • Aptitude – Is the person able to think factors/data elements/variables.
  • Ability to break down a problem – How do they go about solving a problem, what’s their thought process.
  • Logical thinking – Are they considering the critical ideas and facts associated with a problem and consistently using reasoning to arrive at a conclusion.

An ideal candidate at TheMathCompany is expected to pose cross-discipline knowledge of the current technologies, statistics & data science algorithms, effective communication skills and deep discipline expertise in one of the functional areas such as coding, business intelligence, big data technologies and ML algorithms. “We nurture full-stack experts who are well-versed in either data science or data engineering, while displaying a basic working knowledge of the other, alongside domain knowledge – wielding T-skilled expertise,” said Ashish.

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What Is The Hiring Process For Data Scientists At TheMathCompany
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