Angular Admins Fast: Customizable Template

Admin template based on Angular and Nebular

Repository state and engagement with the community

Repository is currently in a state of minimal maintenance. Our primary focus is on ensuring that the Angular version used in this project is kept up to date. Our capacity to engage in other aspects of repository management is currently limited.

We are not actively reviewing or merging pull requests, responding to or resolving issues at this time. We appreciate the effort and contributions from the community and we understand that issues are crucial for the community. But now our current focus is solely on maintaining Angular.

Installation notes

To install ngx-admin you have to use NodeJS version 14.14+ because of node-sass version utilized in the application.

Key features

  • The most popular and trusted Angular open source dashboard template is out there. Used by hundreds of thousands developers worldwide and Fortune 500 companies*.
  • Over 40+ Angular Components and 60+ Usage Examples. Kick off your project and save money by using ngx-admin.
  • Already using ngx-admin and willing to switch to material theme? Material theme is backward-compatible. Check out the article describing how to do that.
  • ngx-admin material works perfectly with Angular Material and Nebular. Take the best from both!

What's included:

  • Angular & Typescript
  • Bootstrap 4+ & SCSS
  • Responsive layout
  • RTL support
  • High resolution
  • Flexibly configurable themes with hot-reload (3 themes included)
  • Authentication module with multiple providers
  • 40+ Angular Components
  • 60+ Usage Examples

Material theme for ngx-admin

Material admin theme is based on the most popular Angular dashboard template - ngx-admin To use material theme checkout feat/material-theme branch.


With 6 stunning visual themes

Material DarkMaterial Light

Download Details:

Author: akveo

Official Github: 

License: MIT

#typescript #angular 

Angular Admins Fast: Customizable Template
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