Vswap (Valkyrie Network), Token Exchange - Mine VAL tokens in app!

Valkyrie Network or just Vswap, Get Native Token VAL



What Is Vswap?

Valkyrie Network or just Vswap is a automatic token exchange protocol based on Ethereum and recently launched on BSC as well it's main purposes is do ensure as low gas costs as possible (fee on the network) when using the protocol, it's also censorship resistant there is no other fee's taken by Vswap (developers) for using it either. The app and the protocol is offering much more existing features to utilize as a user to maximize profits. Any person holding VAL tokens can take start a node and every year is an election to appoint 51 nodes.

Everyone holding more than 100 VAL tokens can vote in this election on the node they want to be 1 of this 51 nodes. A node that is elected to be 1 of 51 nodes in the next year is called a VAL Vouch Node and has governance power. The governance power the VAL vouch nodes has is to vote on new proposals of developments inside Valkyrie Network.


More About Nodes

To mention will these 51 VAL vouch nodes will have different voting wight every year in the community board based on the distribution of the votes. Each node community can bring out new plans for the future of Vswap when it comes to governance, vision and distribution so the community knows each nodes program which ease for the community to make the best choice for Vswap's future. The nodes in the Valkyrie Network has a big and main role not only for the network but for the community, the nodes and questions around it has a very central role in everything a much bigger role against other community's would I say.   

It's a fair network based on the fact that anyone can start a automated node directly inside the app the only thing you need is to deposit 100 VAL tokens and write a name for your node, currently can you apply  as a local/regional node in Africa and South America. 


Vswap and liquidity

Valkyrie Network is the name of the whole project and Vswap is a feature you can use on both BSC and ETH blockchain and is a instant token swap, much like Pancakeswap. As mentioned above is Vswap's main feature to keep down GAS costs as much as possible on ETH blockchain of course is this feature on BSC to, but the problem with to high gas fee's for making a swap between tokens is a typical ETH problem which Vswap will counter. Vswap is one of the cheapest exchange protocols you can use right now on ETH blockchain. 


The only fee taken by using Vswap to swap tokens is a fee of 0,3% this fee is directly provided to the liquidity providers. Which opens the next feature Vswap is offering which is that any user can provide liquidity to Vswap's protocol in exchange is the liquidity provider rewarded with the fee's taken for utilizing Vswap. Like other exchange protocols is Vswap relying on the liquidity providers to make this feature work as it should. 



VAL, The Native Token Valkyrie Network 

The native token of Valkyrie Network is called VAL and has many purposes inside the ecosystem of Valkyrie Network. To start with is VAL the needed token to start a node in the network as mentioned above it's also needed to vote on nodes for each years election of the 51 VAL vouch nodes. It's also a token for rewards inside the Valkyrie community in many ways. In the future of Valkyrie Network will VAL have even more features. I will mention those in the roadmap. The Mandalorian Plan is a feature for developers to utilize and promotes the creation of new smart contracts inside the Valkyrie ecosystem to get a bigger growth and development of Valkyrie Network.


The essential to know about the Mandalorian Plan is that this feature rewards developers who help the Valkyrie Network do develop and grow further thru new creation of smart contracts and this developers are rewarded in VAL tokens in contrast to their contribution. The Mandalorian Plan is open-source to bring developers the freedom they need to develop.   



The Roadmap and The future

The features mentioned above is features already in place to utilize, but more features are yet to come and some of them kinda big. Vswap will bring DeFi loans, futures, IDO platform, V-dApp Store, and Community NFT auction platform which is big and exiting news for the community and will certainly bring many new users to the platform and the community. There is not any info about this yet and is just speculations from my side but I can think that you would need VAL tokens to utilize the IDO fully. I do think that VAL tokens will have a part in DeFi loans and futures to in some way but this is just speculations.


To see even more dApps in the Valkyrie ecosystem will bring even more joy to the community and growth of it and kinda exiting to see what this dApps will offer. Valkyrie Network will in October bring Ethereum Vswap layer 2 with a ZK rollup solution which is awesome to see it expand even further. 



The Ways Of Getting Rewarded in VAL Tokens

Soon will we reach the end of this article but first the joy of getting somehow involved in Valkyrie Network and get rewarded in VAL tokens. This feature do I think is great, not only to bring new member to the community but to get members to stick around. The most simple way of earning VAL tokens is to just get the app Vswap in the app can you mine VAL tokens which is a automatic feature around the clock you just need to start it once. The earnings of VAL right now is 0,2 VAL per 24h for doing nothing. You can get even more VAL tokens if you vote on any of the nodes to be able to vote do you need 100 VAL tokens and you will get "vote interest". 


You can also get "node benefit" for that feature no you need to start a node ad you can also earn by "share income" to earn from this feature do you need to invite people to the platform and app. In the future will certainly more feature come to earn more VAL tokens. Remember one important thing if you're going to download the app and mine go in to the column "Mine" in the app and after that will you see different options to click on, click on "Airdrop address setting" and there will you insert your BSC BEP-20 address.


I would be happy if you supported my writing here and used my referral code or link, if you're just going to download the app directly can you use invitation code: 830246 or can you follow the link to the website HERE and there will you find QR-codes you can scan with your mobile.   



Thank for reading and all support!





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Vswap (Valkyrie Network), Token Exchange - Mine VAL tokens in app!
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