In this thorough step-by-step example, we will explain how to create, export, and view PDF files in the Ionic 5 Angular application with the help of jsPDF, DOM to Image, and Ionic native & Cordova File Opener plugins.

We will create a static data table, pour some dummy data into it using HTML markup; this will help us create a PDF viewer in the Ionic 5 app, further we will show you how to create and display PDF file and also how to open the PDF file in an Ionic app. We will certainly take the assistance of the node package manager (npm), Ionic native, and Cordova registry to add the third-party dependencies to create a PDF viewer in the Ionic ecosystem.

Let us understand about the plugins and packages we are employing in this Ionic 5 PDF viewer tutorial.

The jsPDF is an awesome library primarily used to generate PDFs in JavaScript, and it is available through npm. Wehereas, the dom-to-image is a JavaScript library that helps in converting a self-willed DOM (document object model) node into a vector (SVG) or raster (PNG or JPEG) image.

Likewise, the File Opener plugin allows you to open a file on your device file system with its default application.

Ionic Export to PDF File Example

  • Step 1: Setting Up Ionic App
  • Step 2: Install NPM, Ionic Native and Cordova Plugins
  • Step 3: Create Static Data Table
  • Step 4: Export and Display PDF File in Ionic
  • Step 5: Start Ionic Angular App


Ionic 5 Angular Create, Export and View PDF File Tutorial
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