I see it all the time.

Imagine this. There’s a Zoom call with a Kubernetes user and a Kubernetes vendor. At some point, the conversation turns to how the user’s Kubernetes deployment is managed.

Eventually, somebody is going to throw the term “lifecycle management” out there. Everybody is going to nod and agree that this is very important. Somehow most conversations don’t get into what exactly “Kubernetes lifecycle management” means.

If you ask somebody about lifecycle management in the context of an IT product you tend to hear about Day 0, Day 1, and Day 2. Day 0 is roughly the “Design” phase, where you determine what you’ll be deploying. Day 1 is the “Deploy” phase, or the first day the product is hands-on in your environment. Day 2 is the “Operate” phase; it would more accurately be termed “Day 2+”, but I digress.

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Kubernetes Lifecycle Management! So Important! (What Does It Mean?)
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