In the Web DNA studies for 2019 and 2020, developers ranked the need “Having to support specific browsers, (e.g., IE11)” as the most frustrating aspect of web development, among 28 needs. The 2nd and 3rd rankings were also related to browser compatibility:

  1. Avoiding or removing a feature that doesn’t work across browsers
  2. Making a design look/work the same across browsers

In 2020, we released our browser compatibility research results — a deeper dive into identifying specific issues around browser compatibility and pinpointing what can be done to mitigate these issues. This year we decided to follow up with another deep dive focused on the 4th most frustrating aspect of developing for the web, “Testing across browsers.” It follows on nicely from the previous deep dive, and also concerns much-sought-after information.

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A web testing deep dive: The MDN web testing report
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