I applied for Amazon SDE-1 Internship through the AmazeWow program only for Women.

Online Test Round: It was a quite easy round. It consists of around 28 MCQs on the basic concepts of Data structure and algorithms, C/C++ outputs, Time, and Space complexity.

  1. How many push and pop operations for below operations will be required if we implement a queue using stack?
push (5), push (7), push (2), pop (), push (3),
pop (), pop (), push (6), pop (), pop ()

In this question, 4 options were given stating no of push and pop operations. The trick was when we implement a queue using stack, we will require 2 stacks and then count no. of push and pop operations.

Second Round: This round consisted of 2 coding questions which were quite easy.

  1. Given a string of type a+b=c where any one of them is unknown, we have to find its value.


 Input: x+5=7 Output: x=2

The only challenge was to consider each case and convert string to an integer.

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Amazon Interview Experience for FTE/6 months SDE-1 Internship
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