C# Variables and Data Types (beginners programming tutorial)

Master the fundamentals of C# programming language by understanding data types and variables. Learn how to create variables and the rules of naming variables in C#. We will also learn the most commonly used datatypes such as int, double, char, string, bool, float, and decimal. I will explain differences in the size of the data that each datatype can hold and you will learn about datatype overflow in C#. We will cover primitive datatypes in this video and in some future videos, we will go through complex datatypes as well.

00:00 - Introduction to variables and datatypes
00:28 - Where to learn practical programming
02:54 - Create console application 
04:45 - What are variables
05:54 - What are datatypes
07:49 - How to create a variable
10:53 - Creating variables of different datatype
15:50 - What is datatype overflow
23:33 - Difference between float and decimal
26:59 - How to name C#


Learn C#: Data Types and Variables
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