This 10-part course teaches Webpack from scratch. It begins with a simple question: “What is webpack?” Quickly we move on to installing Webpack, configuring it, and adding loaders for CSS, SASS, HTML, and Files. The course covers cache busting, setting up a dev server, and splitting up your development and production config files. We incorporate multiple Webpack plugins including clean-webpack-plugin, mini-css-extract-plugin, optimize-css-assets-webpack-plugin, terser-webpack-plugin, and html-webpack-plugin. It’s a lot of stuff :)

Find all the code and commits for this course in this Github repo:


Learn Webpack Part 1: What Even Is Webpack

Learn Webpack Part 2: Installing and Running Webpack and Webpack-CLI

Learn Webpack Part 3: Imports, Exports, & Webpack Modules

Learn Webpack Part 4: Configuring Webpack

Learn Webpack Part 5: Loaders, CSS, & SASS

Learn Webpack Part 6: Cache Busting and Plugins

Learn Webpack Part 7: Splitting Dev & Production

Learn Webpack Part 8: Html-loader, File-loader, & Clean-webpack

Learn Webpack Part 9: Multiple Entrypoints & Vendor.js

Learn Webpack Part 10: Extract CSS & Minify HTML/CSS/JS

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Learn Webpack For Beginners [ 10 Part Course ]
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