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What exactly is Crypto Ultraman, which has attracted hot comments from the entire network recently? It is said that the art market follows capital. As a practitioner of the art market, you may not be immune.
Before starting all the discussion, I still want to explain NFT clearly in my own language: NFT (non Fungible Token) is a non-homogeneous token.
NFT proof of equity is different from Bitcoin and Ethereum. They are unique. The same two NFTs will not appear in the world. They are indivisible. An NFT cannot be divided into several smaller pieces like a currency. The unit; it is safe and unchangeable, once all NFTs are formed, they will never be changed (including deletion, yes it will always exist in the online world).
What is Crypto Ultraman?
There are a total of 12,695 unique Crypto Ultramans. Each of them was created by several different fans. They have different rarity, special moves, stamina, attack, speed and other attributes.
Crypto ultraman is the first blockchain-based Ultraman digital identity jointly launched by the NFT Olympic Association and Ultraman. It can be understood as launching an interactive synthesis game for all Olympic fans across the network. The player gathers four blocks to synthesize a complete NFT Ultraman. According to its attribute rarity, it can be auctioned for higher value, and it can be synthesized into 12,695 unique Olympics. Terman cards, whether in a single block or a synthesized NFT, can be freely traded and will be permanently stored in the blockchain record.
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It is released in two stages. In the first stage, you can get 4000 Block for free, and you need to collect 4 parts to form a complete NFT.
The second stage is a curve auction. In order to ensure fair distribution, users will not know what Crypto ultraman has been purchased in the first 14 days of the sale. All NFTs have been generated, but have not yet been indexed. There is a predetermined Crypto ultraman sequence, but it will be the first Crypto ultraman which will only be determined using the on-chain random mechanism at the end of the sale. This method guarantees fair distribution. Since high demand is expected during the initial distribution, we decided to limit each transaction to a maximum of 20 Crypto ultraman.
Crypto ultraman will be sold according to the following table.
Crypto ultraman Price(in ETH)
1–2000 0.1ETH
2001–4000 0.3 ETH
4001–6000 0.5 ETH
6001–8000 0.8 ETH
8001–10000 1.5 ETH
10001–11695 3 ETH
After 14 days or after all the Crypto ultraman is sold (whichever is earlier), the contribution period ends and your Crypto ultraman will be displayed. If it is still not sold after the display stage, the sale will continue at the same rate at that time, with two differences: (1) All NFTs will be disclosed, so you know which NFT you want to buy; (2) There will be no bonus after 14 days AMAN is over.
You can not only buy Crypto ultraman. You can also participate in the creation of NFT. Make the creation of NFT assets more convenient, so that you can add unique IP to the chain.
What is the AMAN holding NFT mining pass?
The Creation Token (AMAN) is the native token of Crypto Ultraman. It allows its holders to freely create Crypto Ultraman works, which will be permanently stored and publicly visible on the Ethereum blockchain. Therefore, simplifying the creation itself makes IP more diversified and personalized in its development. This opens up a whole new dimension for NFT Ultraman, in which the value level of each piece of NFT in the entire market is strongly influenced by consumer preferences.
If you own Crypto Ultraman, you can claim the AMAN accumulated by NFT. The cumulative number of AMANs per NFT per year is determined by your hash rate. If you participate in the initial contribution period, you will receive an additional 2,400 AMAN. To cast NFT works, you need to send 1,200 AMANs to the Crypto Ultraman contract and burn them.
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The difference between traditional art and NFT art

  1. Compared with the advantages of traditional artworks, NFT is unique, which is related to the risk that the permanent record of the blockchain will not be destroyed.
  2. Random distribution, such as limited, scattered, non-excessive, spamming, etc., scarcity generates greater collection value
  3. NFT gives collectors more added value. Traditional art is limited to the collection value of the art itself.
    NFT Art: Through the collection of NFT, collection value is generated: participation in mining, creation, casting rights, chain games, etc., these are not only the experience of the game link, but also the real rewards you get every day, which can be freely withdrawn.
    Traditional artworks are centered on enterprises, and the profits earned by enterprises will not be distributed to collectors. NFT art works are scattered and self-made in the community. All participants share platform dividends and future value.
    The official team blessed the artistic brand value
    Japanese companies that have always been conservative in their business strategies rarely invest in well-known IPs when they enter the NFT market in 2021. It can be seen that NFT is very difficult to resist its charm. At present, Ultraman NFT series have outstanding achievements and market competitiveness. Thanks to Crypto Ultraman, this also allows me to discover the traditional contemporary art circle (yes, contemporary art is here. In the context, the word “tradition” needs to be added) and the huge gap between the encryption circle. The emergence of Crypto ultraman is bound to redefine the NFT art field to be more expandable in the future!

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What is Crypto Ultraman, can the NFT Ultraman craze change the art world?
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