Future of Conversational AI for Travel and Hospitality Businesses

Fuelled by technology, the travel industry is experiencing rapid growth across the digital landscape. However, online travel planning still has some major roadblocks such as inconsistent customer support, irrelevant search experience, complex cancellation policies, and more. Multi-channel chatbot development services and conversational AI for travel and hospitality businesses are accelerating customer outreach efforts with greater efficiency.

This blog post explores how AI’s recommendation engines, natural language processing techniques, and in-depth analysis propel growth in travel businesses.

Automating Flight Bookings
The current process of online flight booking is a time-consuming and complicated experience even for the digitally adept travelers. It involves various challenges such as users’ inability to sift through complex flight schedules, comparing prices, and understanding cancellation policies.

With advancements in machine learning solutions, conversational AI can contribute to a seamless flight booking experience for customers across channels. Travel businesses can save users from manually hunting for suitable travel plans by building conversational interfaces that-

a) Fetch relevant travel plans with specific filters like the choice of airports, flight, budget, and destinations covered.

b) Estimate booking prices for easy comparison

c) Assist with additional information such as regional attractions, in-demand travel plans, etc.

Recommending Personalized Offers
The incorporation of AI-powered recommendation engines has witnessed a major surge across social media and customer service platforms. More personalized content enhances customer engagement and experience leading to increased loyalty.

By analyzing a customer’s travel history and recent searches, conversational AI can make speedy and more diverse travel recommendations. Travel and hospitality businesses can use machine learning solutions to segment audience preferences and thereby provide personalized offers including-

a) Budget-friendly accommodation options

b) Alternative travel dates or routes

c) New travel destinations based on traveler’s preferences

d) Recommended local dine-out options with attached offers

Streamlining Customer Support
Customer service is one of the most crucial factors for success in the travel and hospitality industry. The algorithmic advancements in the natural language processing capabilities of AI have empowered travel chatbots to handle customer grievances in no time. Today, travel and hospitality leaders have incorporated chatbots across their digital channels for-

a) Building convenient and automated customer support windows

b) Optimizing upselling and cross-selling efforts

c) Strengthening customer relations with quick response to complaints and grievances

d) Searching for cheapest deals, flights, and hotel reservations and organizing long and short distance trips.

Deploying Conversation AI for Travel and Hospitality Businesses with Oodles AI
We, at Oodles, build business-specific machine learning solutions for travel and hospitality businesses. Our AI team has hands-on experience in training ML models with natural languages to build dynamic conversational AI interfaces that-

a) Assist travelers with flight details, trip planning, flight cancellation, and price comparison.

b) Recommend personalized offers and deals based on historical customer data and preferences.

c) Predict weather conditions by using demographic data to ensure security.

d) Handle routine customer interactions with contextual responses to increase brand loyalty and improve engagement.

Talk to our artificial intelligence team to know more about our AI development services.

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Future of Conversational AI for Travel and Hospitality Businesses
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