Top 10 Flutter Cards Widgets Package

Discover the top 10 Flutter cards widgets packages to help you create beautiful and interactive cards for your apps. These packages offer a variety of features, such as animation, customization, and accessibility.

1.Swipe Cards In Flutter

This project implements the card swipping Feature like Tinder in flutter. I have shown different Hill Stations details with this nice looking Ui. We can get details of any place on tapping the card which takes us to next page.

Swipe Cards In Flutter

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2.Awesome Card

A flutter package to create a Credit Card widget in your application.

Awesome Card

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3.Paystack Plugin for Flutter

A robust Flutter plugin for making payments via Paystack Payment Gateway. Completely supports Android and iOS

Paystack Plugin for Flutter

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4.Simple Card View

simple card view with list view builder using flutter.
Simple Card View

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5.Flutter Credit Card

A Flutter package allows you to easily implement the Credit card’s UI easily with the Card detection.
Flutter Credit Card

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6.Yugioh Cards Sample App

I apply MobX as state management for this app. At this time, I only implement the list of cards with pagination and detail page. But, I will add some features like sorting, searching, and filter the cards based on availability of multiple parameters in the api. In addition, I use git-karma for the commit messages conventions. There are still room for improvements, so I’m open for any feedback. Sharing with one another helps us all grow and learn.

Yugioh Cards Sample App

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7.Adaptive Cards for Flutter

A Flutter implementation of Adaptive Cards.
Adaptive Cards for Flutter


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Creating the swipe view as used in the Tinder. Swipe right is considered accepted and swipe left is rejected.It is a rebuild version of a UI design that I came across on Dribbble.

You can also checkout the flow of animation and steps to design it briefly at my medium article Tinder Swipe in Flutter


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9.Stripe Payment

A flutter plugin to integrate the stripe plugin for iOS and Android. Currently only adding a credit card as source is implemented.

Stripe Payment

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10.Card Settings

A flutter package for building card based settings forms. This includes a library of pre-built form field widgets. The style is a bit like a cross between the cupertino settings screen and material design; The idea is it should be usable and intutive on both iOS and Android.
Card Settings

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11.Flip Card

A flutter flip card.A component that provides flip card animation. It could be used for hide and show details of a product.
Flip Card

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Top 10 Flutter Cards Widgets Package
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