Data-Dashboard: JavaScript Data Visualization Tool


A data-driven dashboard console for report widgets

A) Try It Out

B) Reference Architecture

DataDashboard provides examples of creating charts and tables from REST calls, and it aims to be a reference architecture for building data-driven dashboard consoles composed of report widgets.

The list of report widgets and dashboard panels is defined in src/modules/config.js, and the routing is handled in src/modules/controller.js. Each widget has a folder under src/widgets that contains the widget's view and controller.

C) Run Locally


Then enter the terminal commands:

$ git clone
$ cd data-dashboard
$ npm install
$ npm start

Alternatively, fork this project and then clone your forked version.

D) Development Mode

Run the application in development mode with the command:

$ npm run dev

The web server will use the un-minified version of the application, and file watchers will automatically rebuild the appropriate parts of the application when source files change.

E) Libraries

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Author: dna-engine
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License: MIT License

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Data-Dashboard: JavaScript Data Visualization Tool
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