We spoke with Nigel Kersten about the latest State of DevOps Report. Over 2,400 IT professionals in development, info security, and related areas from around the world responded. What were the key findings? What will the year 2021 have in stock for the DevOps movement?

JAXenter: The State of DevOps Report 2020** is out. First of all: How many people participated this year?**

Nigel Kersten: This year’s survey included more than 2,400 professionals from around the world who work in IT, development, information security and related areas. We recognise that 2020 has been a challenging year to get work done during the Covid-19 pandemic – let alone taking a survey – so we appreciate those who took the time to contribute.

JAXenter: Can you tell us a bit about the underlying methodology of the report, before we get into the findings?

Nigel Kersten: One of our main concerns was to ensure the report is fair and accurate, showing a true global representation. To achieve this, we sought survey participants from a wide range of geographical regions, industry and company sizes. This included participants from Europe, U.S & Canada, Asia, Australasia, Mexico, Central America & South America, as well as a number of other countries. We were also keen to make sure we had a fair and balanced representation in terms of gender and our participants ranged from C-suite employees through to partners and contractors.

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The State of DevOps Report
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