This is an Angular 10 step-by-step tutorial assimilate the comprehension in your neurons about creating the browse/file upload UI (user interface) using Angular Material 10|9 components such as MatButtonModule, MatInputModule, MatFormFieldModule, and MatToolbarModule.

Angular Material has offered some of the outstanding UI components, saves lots of your time; however, it doesn’t offer the File uploading component yet.

Maybe this will be taken into consideration in the future update, but for now, we are going to create a file uploading component using material components and tweaking a little bit of CSS in Angular.

Create Angular Project

Angular CLI is needed to create a new angular application; if already installed, skip it.

npm install -g @angular/cli

We are all set! Now, respectively run the defined command to install a new angular application.

ng new angular-material-file-upload-example

Move inside the application root.

cd angular-material-file-upload-example

#angular #angular material

Create Angular Material 10 File Browse/Upload UI with Material Components
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