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The Serverless Framework offers one of the fastest and cheapest ways to produce scalable and modern backend applications. However, building these event based systems differs quite a lot from traditional applications both by development workflow and production infrastructure.

The main difficulty of developing these systems is the inability to test code locally and also the difficulty of orchestrating large number of functions to work together. It is also complicated to monitor the functions and have an overview of how each service is operating.

Here are some of the tools that help to maintain function based services and improve the development worflow.

1. Dashbird

Dashbird is a service made to monitor, debug and improve lambda functions.

It gives developers a real-time overview of all lambda executions and detects errored invocations in them. This allows users to easily to monitor traffic and ensure service quality.

Main dashboardOverview dashboard

The service also stores details and logs about every code execution which is perfect for later debugging. Lambda dashboardLambda dashboard

In addition Dashbird offers powerful tools to process function logs, like searching and live tailing.


Setting up Dashbird takes about 5 minutes and requires no code changes. You can read more about setup here.

Dashbird is currently free of charge!



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