During the quarantine period, I started an Italian tech live show on YouTube and a podcast on Spotify and Anchor.fm with some of my friends. The show’s called Schrödinger Hat.

We are enjoying a lot creating these content over the web, but we encounter some technical issues. Some of them were minor issues that we managed very well during the time, but then… there was the major issue.

The issue

We encounter some problem by uploading the audio file from YouTube to Anchor.fm, because this action is required time, a converion tool and… you know, in the 2020 no one has too much time.

We started thinking. We searched for some Anchor.fm APIs, but we found none… until this conversation happen:

- “Should we create a private Anchor.fm API?”

- “Uhm… I heard something about Github Actions, maybe we can automate the whole process by using it”

- “Shut up and let’s start coding.”

#javascript #github-actions #automation #docker #puppeteer #podcast #github #open-source

Youtube To Anchor.fm - A Github Action To Automatically Publish Your Podcast
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